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We all know or at least have heard of Strawberry Fields in Central Park. Located near Central Park West, between 71st and 74th streets, it was named as a memorial place for the Beatles musician John Lennon in 1981. Why this location? Sadly Lennon was on his way home in 1980, when he was murdered at this exact place.

The Famous Imagine Mosaic

In the heart of Strawberry Fields lies the famous black and white mosaic, named after the song Imagine. 

This mosaic is said to be a symbol of vision and hope for a world without strife, war and conflict. Every day many visitors pay respect to Lennon by bringing flowers to this Imagine landmark.

Not an Ordinary Tuesday...

On Tuesday, January 24th, we (Ari & Heidi) finally went to Strawberry Fields together. We picked up bagels, juice and coffee from a deli on the 72th street and started our midday stroll to the park. We sat at a bench by the mosaic and enjoyed the breakfast and the weather in the shadow of snowdrops. A French couple brought a red rose and the whole setting was just peaceful.


The breakfast

The moment changed when Ari suddenly and as a surprise proposed to Heidi, who after getting over her astonishment said "yes"!

The kiss after the proposal

Memorable Walk Through Central Park

We visited several attractions in the part including the Carousel and the Boathouse and listened to live music, which the park abounds. Such a perfect day. :)

The Cavalry of the Carousel

The Gazebo

The Boathouse

We listened several songs by this group near the Boathouse.

Skating at Wollman Rink

We ended up by accident crossing Central Park West along 77th street. Ironically Heidi was born in 77! Hot dogs after proposal? Absolutely! The guy at the kiosk cheated us by asking double the price. However, this time we did not bother to complain.

Earlier During Our Teenage Vacation

Neither of us has ever taken kissing pictures before. During this trip we have taken more than enough. :) Maybe there will be an exhibition one day!

By the Love Sculpture in Midtown Manhattan

...and in front of the USS Constitution, the flagship of the US Navy

Estrada Branca / This Happy Madness

What should I call this happy madness

that I feel inside of me

Some kind of wild October gladness

that I never thought I'd see

What has become of all my sadness

all my endless lonely sighs

Where are my sorrows now

What happened to the frown

and is that self contented clown

Standing grinning in the mirror really me

I'd like to run through Central Park

carve your initials in the bark

of every tree I pass for every one to see

I feel that I've gone back to childhood

and I'm skipping through the wild wood

So excited that I don't know what to do

What do I care if I'm a juvenile

I smile my secret little smile

Because I know the change in me is you

What should I call this happy madness

all this unexpected joy

That turned the world into a baby's bouncing toy

The god's are laughing far above

One of them gave a little shove

And I fell gaily gladly madly into love

Text: Heidi (Blog: Redhead and the City) & Ari

Pictures: Mostly Ari

P.S. We wanted this to be a suprise and told about this only to our parents and siblings in advance.

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Postauksen lukeminen sai naamalle hymyn, joka ei meinaa hyytyä ollenkaan... Onnea! :) Ihana paikkavalinta myös, olen itsekin menossa Nykkiin kevään aikana ja pääsen vihdoin näkemään mosaiikkiteoksen. Strawberry Fields Forever!

Heidi Lehmuskumpu kirjoitti...

Hymy on säilynyt itselläkin. :) :) On tuo Ari aivan ihana mies. Olen kovin onnellinen, että olemme löytäneet toisemme. :)

Ari Makela kirjoitti...

Kiitos onnitteluista, Hayley.