lauantai 26. toukokuuta 2012

Married in the Grand State of New York

Number 24 seems to be our lucky number. Heidi and I got married on Thursday, May 24th.

After a lot of thinking Heidi and I decided to have an intimate wedding ceremony in New York. Thank you, Heli, for witnessing this important moment.

Warm thanks to Stan Rifken who captured our special day at a photo shoot in Central Park.

We, of course, wanted to go to the Imagine Mosaic to take pictures, as we got engaged here on January 24th.
This time we left two roses at Imagine. We were very lucky, as the Mosaic was empty of other flowers when we arrived.
We have combined the Finnish and American traditions for the rings: we both have two, designed by Kalevala Koru.
The magic number 24 repeated in the flowers, as Heli had got for us a bouquet of 24 red roses.

The Party

Although we got married intimately, Heidi is lucky to have many friends also in New York. One of them, Kati, wanted to throw a cocktail party in the evening. We want to thank Kati and all you dear friends, who came to share the special moment with us.  As this party was very special, we want to write separately of this event to our blogs in the coming weeks.

Finland to Follow

We have not forgotten Finland: within a year a so we want to organize a party for our families and close friends.

Interesting Bureaucracy

We will be writing more about the interesting procedure of getting married in New York as foreigners. The bureaucracy is something else. Stay Tuned!.

keskiviikko 16. toukokuuta 2012

Stand by Me

Heidi and I had a nostalgic moment at the Imagine Mosaic in Central Park on Friday, May 11th. After an almost four-month waiting period, we finally got together and started to use our engagement rings. A beautiful and memorable evening at Strawberry Fields.