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A Fruit Shop at Lefkada Town, Greece

From Christmas at Lefkada 2015

Fresh clementines on our balcony table. Simply delicious.

Getting ingredients for food is quite different here in Greece compared to Finland. In Helsinki, one buys food usually in a local grocery store, where one can get almost everything conveniently at once. The range of products is wide and the quality is usually good, but not exceptional. Similar, but smaller, shops are common in Greece. The Greek have a delightful alternative: there are lots of small bakeries, butchers' and fishmongers'. Something that the Finns have mostly lost.

A fruit shop owned by Vaggelis X. Gligoris at the center of Lefkada Town is a great example. It's a cornucopia of fresh fruit of high quality. Anything from aubergines to citrus fruits. Local olive oil and wines, almost everything one could wish for. (A hint for the visitors: the bus from the Sfakiotes Residency stops by this shop once entering the town.)

From Christmas at Lefkada 2015

From Christmas at Lefkada 2015

We've started to call the bus stop as the fruit shop bus stop.

When we come down from the mountains of Sfakiotes we almost always visit the fruit shop and can highly recommend it.

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