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West - Mexican & Burger in Lefkada Town, Greece

From Christmas at Lefkada 2015

West - Mexican & Burger

We first visited the Island of Lefkada, Greece, in July of 2015. We were to spend the whole month at the Sfakiotes Residency writing, photographing, cooking and exploring the beautiful island. Now, due to a cancellation, we were able to visit the island again. While we do love the Greek cuisine, sometimes one needs to have something completely different and West Mexican & Burger is perfect for that. The colourful facade of the restaurant is easily spotted in the center of Lefkada Town. The red restaurant is tidy and the staff is friendly and relaxed.

We returned to Lefkada for Christmas and revisited West and it was again a delightful experience.

From Christmas at Lefkada 2015

Despite the writing of the pint the beer is Alpha wise, a nice Greek weiss beer.

From Christmas at Lefkada 2015

Heidi's choice was a bacon burger.

As always in West, the ingredients were fresh and the fried potatoes were very good.

From Christmas at Lefkada 2015

I chose a chicken quesadilla.

The quesadilla was very tasty. Any more fillings would have spoiled the crispiness.

From Christmas at Lefkada 2015

The complimentary dessert: nachos with cinnamon and honey.

We highly recommend West - Burger & Mexican when visiting Lefkada Town.

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