sunnuntai 2. huhtikuuta 2017

Breathless in Paris, Part IV: Tour Eiffel and Tour Montparnasse

Tour Eiffel

During my first time in Paris, of course I wanted to see Tour Eiffel, a landmark and the symbol of Paris.


I had hoped, in vain, that the touristy places of Paris would not be full of people in the early October, so I decided not to even try going up to the Tower. I opted for Tour Montparnasse, where one also gets a spectacular view to the city.

Tour Eiffel

Tour Eiffel photographed from Tour Montparnasse.


Hôtel national des Invalides


The light gray building on left is Sacré-Cœur and my hotel Hotel Audran is somewhere left from the church.

Tour Montparnasse

Tour Montparnasse.

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