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Breathless in Paris, part II: The First Night

Moulin Rouge

I arrived to Hotel Audran. Two stars, nothing fancy, but the location is very nice, it's affordable and clean. The staff is friendly and speaks English. Next morning the breakfast proved to be some baguette and a croissant, both very fresh, butter, jam, yoghurt, juice and coffee or tea.

I went to my room, unpacked and had a short nap. After that I dug my camera and a 35mm lens from the backpack I was ready for my first night in Paris.

Wall art in Montmartre

Please note the legs hanging out of the mouth of the shark.

I wanted to photograph Moulin Rouge in the dark before the dinner, so I walked down the Butte via Rue Véron, where there is some fine wall art. My favourite is the one above.


I strolled around Montmartre, looking around and shooting some photos until I got hungry and started to climb up from Boulevard de Clichy which was quite crowdy for my taste.

I ended up eating in a small restaurant in the corner of Rue Audran and Rue Véron called Le Restaurant where I ate excellent croustillant de chèvre and pavé au saumon, which was also very good. I had expected that central Paris would be quite expensive, but with a glass of wine this simple dinner cost me less than 25 euros. The staff spoke fluent English, which nice, because I know only a few words of French. The Facebook page of Le Restaurant.

So, my first night in Paris was a success and was ready to be really breathless on the next day.

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